Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Jill Sullivan's New Book!

I have found Dr. Sullivan's research on the contributions of women's military bands during WWII to be extremely insightful and helpful in bringing to light a subject that has remained untouched for quite some time.

Dr. Sullivan left a comment on this blog recommended her new book, released September of this year, to you, faithful readers. It is entitled Bands of Sisters, and it would be a great resource and read for anyone interested in American wind band history. More than that, as female brass musicians, learning about our history is an important step towards achieving empowerment and confidence in our fields.

Follow this link to order Dr. Sullivan's book: Bands of Sisters

So far, it has received rave reviews-- I can't wait to order my copy!

"Bands of Sisters presents a wonderfully informative look at the long-overlooked contributions of women's military bands during World War II. Jill Sullivan's careful and exhaustive research provides both a great read and an invaluable addition to our wind band legacy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to all who are interested in the history of bands and band music in America."—Paula A. Crider, Professor Emeritus, The University of Texas
"Jill Sullivan's diligent research brings to light a previously undocumented and unique contribution to the war effort. Her Bands of Sisters is a fascinating read which finally credits the efforts of thousands of women military musicians during World War II."—Colonel John R. Bourgeois, Director Emeritus, The United States Marine Band, "The President's Own"
"Dr. Jill Sullivan gives voice to a significant part of history that has up to this point remained untold. Not only is this an important completion of the historical picture of the American wind band, but, and perhaps more importantly, these stories empower young female musicians who will now know they are part of a strong lineage of accomplished women musicians. As a woman band conductor myself, I plan to recommend this book to any young woman who wishes to pursue a career as a conductor, performer, or teacher, and anyone interested in a more complete knowledge of the history of the wind band."—Dr. Diana M. Hollinger, Project Coordinator, California Music Project, San Jose 
"Dr. Sullivan has written an intriguing, thoroughly documented account of the largely neglected role of women in military bands during World War II. Using numerous oral interviews, primary and secondary written accounts, and photographs, this meticulously prepared narrative reinforces the important role that these all-female groups played in boosting morale, raising money through bond drives and even performing for injured soldiers returning home for recuperation. This is a must read for anyone interested in the history of bands in America."—William Davis, Ph.D., Professor, Music Therapy, Colorado State University 

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  1. Thanks for this info, I will start looking for the book!