Thursday, June 24, 2010

Southeast Trombone Symposium

Greetings from Columbus, Georgia! I am participating in the Southeast Trombone Symposium at Columbus State University, hosted by my former professor Dr. Brad Palmer. It's been a great week so far--I have met some really great trombonists, played in quartets and octets, attended masterclasses, and heard outstanding faculty recitals. Tomorrow is the solo competition, which I am a finalist for. I had intended to update this blog throughout the week, but as it is Thursday, you can see that I did not accomplish my goal. I have been so busy and dead tired that I am just now getting to the updates. Luckily I have been taking notes, so I will break it down by day and activity.

Visit this link for more information:

Atlanta Symphony Trombone Section: Colin Williams, George Curran, and Bill Thomas

Dr. Palmer conducting the CSU Trombone Choir.