Tuesday, April 20, 2010

24 Posts and Counting (not a TLC production)

Well, I made it-- I now have 24 blog posts to my name. If there is anyone else out in the blogging interwebs that happen to be reading this, Ladies in Brass began as a class assignment for Advanced Brass Ensemble Literature. What started out as a pesky assignment actually turned into something that has captured my interest. Before Ladies in Brass, I had not really given much thought to women in music- except for the fact that I am a female trombonist.  Since then, I have discovered that this subject is important to me.  Why does society place gender roles on the arts? What does it really mean to play with masculinity? Does an all-female ensemble really sound different from an all-male ensemble? What does it mean to be a strong female brass player today? These questions are bouncing around my brain as I type. I think I have scratched the surface on a few of them, but I will continue to dig deeper.  So, Professor Manning, feel free to continue to subscribe to Ladies in Brass, for this blog has just begun. Thank you for helping me discover an interest that I didn't know I had.

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